Megan Fox Resembles 'Deck Of Tarot Cards' In Marc Jacobs

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Megan Fox covered the April issue of Glamour Magazine Spain and UK, opening up in her most candid interview yet about how her choices provoke others despite not acting to please anyone. Fox spoke about dealing with the Male Gaze in Hollywood and sexualization at a young age, saying she thought she was ahead of the #MeToo Movement that rocked the industry.

Unfortunately, speaking out against misogyny didn't sit well with Directors and Producers in the industry, leading anonymous writers to spread rumors about her being difficult to work with! The experience caused her to step back from the spotlight for a while before returning and reclaiming her life as a Feminist Icon.

A Goddess In Silver

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Fox wore a silvery floor-length dress made of circles with a velvet turtleneck long-sleeved top and opera gloves for the UK digital cover. Her eyeshadow mimicked the background with an icy blue and purple blend complementing glossy nude lips.

Surprisingly, Fox's sexy and impressive Instagram posts don't come directly from her although she contributes to the provocative captions. She told Glamour,

"I have social media, but I don’t personally use it. I have somebody who posts for me and I decide what I want to say but I think it’s sinister. I think it’s evil."

A Fairy In Rose Gold

Fox's Spain cover picture featured an ethereal picture of her in a 3D Floral Elizabeth Shevelev minidress with extreme cutouts revealing her tattooed skin. Her face shone like glass with the rose-gold aesthetic makeup she wore and the simple stud earrings on her ears.

The actress wore her shiny black hair long and free to reach past her waist and she accessorized her flower petal dress with Femme LA lace-up shoes. She looks like a Goddess and Fairy Princess in the words of her stylist, Maeve Riley.

Megan posted more photos with a caption saying,

"Thank you to everyone at Glamour for such an amazing shoot and interview. I always wanted to look like a a [sic] deck of tarot cards 🤍🤍🤍"

Drinking Each Other's Blood For Rituals

Fox and her fiancé Colson Baker, a.k.a. Machine Gun Kelly sparked a lot of controversies when they announced their engagement because of the details involved. First, they said, there were thorns on Fox's double-stoned ring designed to hurt her if she tried to take it off.

Then they added that they drank each other's blood after Fox accepted the proposal. She clarified her statement saying it was just a few drops and not a goblet-full and it was purely ritualistic.

Watch the full clip below.

'Good Mourning' To Show In Theaters On May 20

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Fox and Baker continue working together and they announced their newest movie project Good Mourning would be out next month. The dark comedy also features Pete Davidson.