Erin Andrews Reveals Her Favorite Athlete To Interview

Erin Andrews
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Everybody has their preferences, even when they're supposed to keep their cool and just act professionally.

And Erin Andrews isn't the exception to that rule, especially being around athletes and celebrities as often as she is. She gets in the part and goes on with her job as we all would, but she still gets star-struck when she meets one of her favorite athletes.

Andrews Is A Big Fan Of David Ortiz

David Ortiz
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In a recent interview with The Spun, Andrews revealed that of all people; David Ortiz is still her favorite interviewee. Apparently, she just couldn't resist his infectious smile:

"I think it’s going to be David Ortiz. Why? Just that smile and it doesn’t matter what he says it’s just the smile," Andrews said. "You know, I did a post-game interview with him after the Red Sox won it all after the Boston bombing. Of course, I had to make him reenact the “this is our bleeping city!’

She Broke The Rules For Big Papi

David Ortiz
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That was an emotional moment for Ortiz, the Red Sox, and the city of Boston, so Andrews didn't mind breaking the rules for that one special occasion:

"You’re never supposed to give your microphone up and I just handed Papi my microphone. If you’re ever been around David Ortiz, I mean, you don’t even have to be around him – just look at that gorgeous smile and he just radiates this vibe that everyone just flocks to him. So, yeah Papi is one of my all-time faves," she added.

It Was A Dream Come True For Her Father

Erin Andrews
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And how not to love him? As that moment right there allowed her to have a memorable moment with her father, a diehard Red Sox fan?

"And I think right before that interview, my dad was standing with me because I got my dad down on the field cause he’s a Red Sox fan," Andrews continued. "Papi came out as we were walking from the concourse back on the field and he was in a tank top and goggles and he was spraying me and my dad with champagne. It was just awesome! It was a daughter’s dream come true for her father."

What's Ahead For Andrews?

Erin Andrews
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Troy Aikman and Joe Buck aren't the only guys who could switch lanes shortly. Andrews' deal with Fox is set to expire, and ESPN could swoop in and get her as well:

"The Post has learned that Fox’s top NFL sideline reporter, Erin Andrews, will become a free agent shortly. Fox would like to keep her, according to sources," reported The New York Post." ESPN would have interest in talking with Andrews, according to sources, about a return to the network where she started. However, there have been no discussions yet."

Wherever she is, hopefully, she'll get another chance to interview Big Papi.