HoYeon Jung Stuns In Strapless Dress

Close up of Hoyein Jung
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HoYeon Jung continues making history and scoring exclusive gigs since she won the SAG award for the best female actress in a Drama series. She owes the thanks to her role as Sae Byeok in the Netflix series Squid Game. Since then, she's appeared on the cover of top magazines like Vogue and become an ambassador for big brands like Calvin Klein and Chanel. Hoyeon also appeared in The Weeknd's Out of Time video as his main love interest after her latest ad for Bentley Seoul last month in their Be Extraordinary campaign.

Exploring The Sights

Hoyeon wore a sleeveless black double-tiered dress with a diamond choker and stiletto pumps for one of her campaigns. She styled her black hair in a sleek bun and wore red lipstick. In the following sequence, the actress added a yellow blazer to her look adding to the boss lady vibe. The jacket shade matched the yellow and orange patterned embroidery on the side of her dress. The concluding sequence featured her inside the Bentley car riding to an unknown destination as she looked out into the city in awe.

Showing Off Her Style

Hoyeon shared two more video campaigns, including one where she acts as an archer in a desert land. It shows the versatility of the Bentley Continental GT in white as it transitions from the rough road on the dessert to the paved highway in the city.

She wore a long black dress with a matching black blazer for this ad and packed her hair in a low ponytail wrapped in a silk yellow patterned scarf.

Be Extraordinary

The final ad shows Hoyeon in a bright orange pantsuit with a black cropped top. She styled her hair in a neck-length wet curl and wore a bright red lipstick as she explored a neon light club. Unlike the previous ads, Hoyeon takes these wheels this time and controls the Bentley Continental GT Speed convertible. All three videos tell the same message - Be Extraordinary.

Gushing Over Hoyeon's Beauty

The official Bentley Seoul account shared a behind-the-scenes montage of the creative process showing all three ads and some bloopers. The model looked like she had fun shooting the videos. While some fans in the comment section complimented the cars, others couldn't get enough of Hoyeon's beauty. One commenter wrote, "You're so pretty." It isn't the first time her beauty has been the focal point on the internet.