Dua Lipa Stuns In Glitter Versace

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Dua Lipa never fails to impress, and when she's doing it in Versace, it earns her cash. The Grammy winner made headlines last year as the Italian designer cherry-picked her to front its campaigns - unsurprisingly, Dua honors her ambassador status with Versace via regular shout-outs on her Instagram.

Posting in 2021, the "Levitating" singer shared a custom-made and glitter blazer that took hours to make. In fact, Dua dedicated part of her post to acknowledging the effort that went into the stunning piece.

Versace Gains In Glitter Look

Dua Lipa in glitter dress
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Dua's triple set of photos opened with her stunning in a periwinkle purple and sparkly blazer. Going oversized and with nothing underneath, Dua showed off her good looks and her ability to match everything, here wearing coordinating purple eyeshadow as she glammed up with a full face of makeup.

The androgynous jacket was nonetheless feminine, with Dua also rocking a mean manicure, rings, plus a soft expression as she gazed into the camera. A swipe right showed off the look again, with the final photo showing the work that went into crafting the custom-made piece.

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Taking to her caption as fans left over 3 million likes, the PUMA partner wrote:

"Making this blazer was no easy feat and to be honest every outfit was so carefully and beautifully worked on. Thank you to you @lorenzoposocco for every moment you throw your heart and your art into your passion. I love working with you and alongside you everyday. People only see the final product but I see the process. You are one of a kind. I love you."

Dua ensured Versace boss Donatella Versace was tagged. Her post also garnered a like from model Amelia Gray, this year joining Dua as an ambassador for the iconic brand.

Versace Can't Get Enough Of Her

Dua's 2021 Versace sign-up came with a statement from the label, who gushed over her as it said:

"I met Dua for the first time a few years ago in London," adding: "I knew she was a beautiful girl but when I heard the timbre of her voice. I realized immediately she had something unique and special. Since then I've watched her career take off and partnered with her for many amazing moments. Right now, I cannot think of a better woman to embody the spirit of Versace and of this collection."

More Brand Deals

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Dua also fronts sportswear giant PUMA and boasts a capsule collection with them. PUMA is also fronted by singer Selena Gomez.