Dua Lipa Opens 'Versace Vault' In Crop Top

Dua Lipa close up
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Dua Lipa saved the best 'til last as she opened up on her "Versace vault" experience last year. The Grammy-winning singer is now the official face of luxury Italian label Versace - unsurprisingly, her Instagram is littered with promos and shout-outs as she goes brand ambassador.

Posting in September 2021, the "Levitating" hitmaker showed off her glam style and '90s vibes in a grunge-infused look complete with massive platform boots, with the whole gallery embracing the brand championed by Donatella Versace.

Stuns With Versace Gallery

Dua Lipa in white dress
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In photos gaining over 2.2 million likes, Dua opened a redhead and shot close up while in a silk scarf worn as a bandana. The Brit wore costume jewelry as she posed peeping her toned shoulders, wearing a simple black top, with more to come.

Further images showed Dua on-set and toting a monogrammed Versace shopper in red and blue. Here, the singer was seen matching the bag as she modeled a Versace dress with short sleeves, with another shot showing a Versace interiors bedroom.

Dua reappeared at the end and in selfie mode, posing in front of a mirror and in a knee-length black skirt, tiny crop top, elbow gloves, and her massive boots.

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"Versace vault," Dua wrote, with fellow Versace ambassador Emily Ratajkowski quickly leaving a like. Versace is, this year, tapping into the top celebs to promote itself, from sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid to rapper Cardi B and sister Hennessy Carolina. The label has also enlisted the help of reality star Lisa Rinna's daughters Amelia and Delilah Bella Hamlin.

'Thrilled' To Join

Announcing her sign-up in 2021, Dua wrote: "I'm so thrilled to be working with the iconic house of Versace," adding: "Getting to work so closely with Donatella and bonding over our shared love of fashion has been surreal. Her partnership throughout this process has been an unforgettable experience. The images we've created together are even better than I could have imagined, we're so excited to share them with you all!"

Versace Loves Her

Dua Lipa in long dress
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Meanwhile, the Kardashian-adored brand issued a statement, gushing over Dua.

"I met Dua for the first time a few years ago in London," they said. "I knew she was a beautiful girl but when I heard the timbre of her voice. I realized immediately she had something unique and special. Since then I've watched her career take off and partnered with her for many amazing moments. Right now, I cannot think of a better woman to embody the spirit of Versace and of this collection."