Jennifer Lopez In Coach Says She Got It From Her Mama

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This year, everything is returning in trend after two long years of fashion apathy, no thanks to the Pandemic. While Coach's Pillow Bag, a.k.a. Tabby was an instant hit when it first entered the market, it took a hit during the compulsory lockdown. Luckily for the English brand, as things are returning to normal, so is the love for the Tabby Pillows.

Coach tapped brand ambassador Jennifer Lopez as the face of its reinvented Pillow bag, and she revealed that she wants one for Mother's Day.

Coach For Every Generation

JLo gives the youth a run for their money in this relaxed look featuring an Onion pink faux-leather jacket worn over a cropped white Coach top and abs baring low-riding denim pants. The loose-fitting bottoms show off her toned belly and pink cotton briefs, and she pairs the outfit with subtle nude-toned makeup, Kellie Sandal, and a blue Tabby Pillow bag.

Two Options: Tabby And Madison

The Pillow bag comes in two variations, Tabby and Madison (shoulder bag) both retailing under $500. When asked what she wants for Mother's Day, JLo replied,

"I really like the feeling of the Pillow Tabby. Feeling it as in loving it, but also as in touching it and squeezing it and hugging it. I'm obsessed with the aqua color."

As part of the promo for the Coach pillow bag, the English brand erected an inflatable "Coach Pillow" structure in London's Soho Square. The geometric design gives passersby an immersive experience of the Coach Pillow bag since it takes on its soft quilted texture. French artist, Cyril Lancelin is the creative genius behind the structure.

The Immersive Coach Pillow Experience

The Immersive Coach Pillow structure went live in London from April 10, 8 am - 8 pm until it moved to Berlin and Dubai at unspecified times. Although Coach's Pillow bag became popular amongst Gen Z TikTokers, JLo proves its beauty transcends generations. That's why Coach is marketing the "IT Bag" as a Mother's Day must-have - the perfect gift for a mother who's sacrificed everything to ensure her child's happiness.

JLo's Pick

JLo's pick - the Tabby Pillow - features the signature "C" logo on the clasp and a multi-colored chain handle with a small tag attached to the side. The chain is a removable strap making the bag versatile based on the occasion. JLo said she got her dance moves from her mom during the campaign ad video 100%.