Aly Raisman In Bathing Suit Is Summer Ready

Close up of Aly Raisman
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Chisom Ndianefo

27-year-old ex-USA Gymnast Aly Raisman is way ahead of the season with her summer-ready monokini. The fitness enthusiast went on a retreat celebrating International Women's Day sponsored by Aerie. Aly had so much fun that she couldn't stop posting even weeks after the event ended. It was the first time in a long while she'd attended such an event since retirement, and by the looks of her Instagram feed, it was worth the wait.

So Good She Posted It Four Times!

Aly loved her look so much that she took as many pictures as possible and posted four shots on the gram - another rare feat for the fitness enthusiast. The last time she did something similar was when she wore a floral bikini for a tropical getaway.

Her black monokini was a mono-sleeve high-rise with a wide cutout on the side, flaunting her flat abs. She left her long brown hair in a tousled beach wave to complete the Island/Beach girl aesthetic and wore minimal gold jewelry pieces.

Finally, she topped her look off with a colorful tie-dye orange and cream ankle-length sarong. Aly tied it in a twist-knot on the side beneath her cutout, forming a hip-high slit that teased her toned legs with every step she took.

Mingling With New Friends

It's good to see the former TEAM USA Fierce Five captain beaming with joy after a turbulent final year participating in the sports she loved. More photos from the event show that she was summer-ready (though Spring had barely started) with her dark sunshades and crossbody black purse. She joined young influencers and talents of Hollywood for a group picture before joining in on the fun games.

Keeping Fit With Yoga

To avoid staying idle, Aly picked a new hobby similar to gymnastics - Yoga. She now prioritizes her wellness and overall health. The retired athlete invests her time in wellness apps that help her manage her moods, reflect, and protect her mental health. She wrote,

"Friendly reminder to take some time for yourself. Do something kind for yourself this weekend. What will bring you calm? What will bring you joy?"

Aly And Mylo

Through thick and thin, Aly's beloved pet, Mylo, has always been with her. They have a very close relationship, and you can tell from the number of posts featuring the pup on her feed. There are so many, and you could mistake Aly's two million-plus following Instagram account for Mylo's!