NBA News: Kendrick Perkins Claims Russell Westbrook Isn't Mentally There With The Lakers

Russell Westbrook
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Ernesto Cova

LeBron James and Anthony Davis urged the Los Angeles Lakers to trade for Russell Westbrook. That move might as well go down as one of the most infamous in franchise history.

Westbrook has performed way below the expectations and the fans have had enough with him and his attitude, booing him and calling him out every single game.

Westbrook Isn't Even Involved, Says Perkins

Russell Westbrook
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Westbrook's criticism has been fair to some extent, as he's not putting up effort in the defensive end and has clearly taken some plays off while still on the court. Even his former teammate Kendrick Perkins called him out for not being mentally involved in the game:

"And if you watch this film right here, look, he's not even involved, like mentally, he's not even there," Perkins said. "He didn't even move that entire possession. At all."

Westbrook Says He Won't Tolerate The 'Westbrick' Nickname Anymore

Russell Westbrook
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The former MVP has engaged in a bit of a back-and-forth with the fans as of late, stating that he will no longer tolerate people calling him 'Westbrick.'

"I can’t no longer allow people, for example, Westbrick to me is now shaming, shaming my name and my legacy for my kid," Westbrook said. "It’s a name that means more to me, my wife, my mom, my dad, the ones that paved the way for me."

Perkins Knows What It's Like To Be Bashed By The Fans

Kendrick Perkins
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That's why Perkins called him out to explain how he will never be exempt from criticism as an NBA player and telling a story of his own experience:

"I actually have a 14-year-old and 10-year-old that were there and had to go to school while I was in Oklahoma City and get bashed," Perkins said. "And my kids used to come home and say, 'Dad, my friend was like, 'You Kendrick Perkins son? Your dad sucks'. But it's those uncomfortable conversations that you have to deal with. Again, this is what you signed up for."

NBA Insider Says Westbrook Is A Hypocrite

Russell Westbrook screaming
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NBA insider Kevin O'Connor wasn't as smooth as Perkins. He stated that Westbrook has been rightfully criticized and that he's being a hypocrite for complaining about this nickname after he took a shot at Kevin Durant a couple of years ago:

“Nobody is exempt from criticism," O'Connor said. "And also, by the way, sometimes, certain criticisms that there’s truth rooted in. And sometimes, it’s important not to shut it all out and take it all in, and you got to filter that criticism. You got to know yourself and understand your own limitations as a human being and how you can get better as a person. This is the same guy that has cupcakes at his 4th of July party, playing into the Kevin Durant cupcake nickname. What a f***ing hypocrite."

He Won't Be Back Next Season

Russell Westbrook
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While Westbrook isn't the only one to blame for the Lakers' terrible season, it's clear that he's no longer a part of their plans for the future.

It'd be for the best that both parties move on from each other. He still has some years left in the tank and certainly doesn't deserve to be the scapegoat, while the Lakers need a guy who's a better fit next to LeBron and Davis, so we don't expect him to be back with the team next season.