Olympian Aly Raisman In Bikini Poses Like Wonder Woman

Aly Raisman with brown hair parted to one side and smiling at the camera.
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Aly Raisman embraces her strength and sexuality in an empowering Wonder Woman-inspired photo shoot.

Dressed in a metal bikini, Raisman flaunted her athletic physique at the beach. Her unique bikini outfit was the perfect representation of her bold character. Aside from the symbolism, Raisman also looked so amazing in the metal-plated costume.

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Wonder Woman

Raisman posted a stunning pic of herself dressed in a metal bikini top by Divamp Couture, with her arms folded and resting on her waist. With windswept hair, she smiled confidently at the cameras.

"My friend @whitdelo says if she could pick one picture to describe my personality this would be it 😂🙈," she captioned the photo, which was posted in 2019.

Fans were thrilled to see her pic and sent her positive remarks in the comments.

"I love that bikini on you , it makes you look like Wonder Woman 😘," one person wrote.

"Even Carrie Fisher couldn't look better than that!" another fan said.

Embracing Her Sexiness

Aly Raisman sporting a tight top bun and wearing an asymmetrical black dress.

The sexy shoot was for the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, photographed in Aruba.

According to the two-time Olympian, posing sexy is new to her but she felt amazing during the shoot.

"I'm an athlete. I'm a gymnast. So, I'm used to being in the gym all the time but then being able to shoot in a swimsuit and being sexy...I've never done anything like it before," Raisman shared in a YouTube clip.

Women Can Wear What They Want

Aly Raisman in a white dress with a cowl neckline.
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In the same clip, the athlete also shared an empowering message about respect and body positivity.

"Now, especially, is such an important time for women. For people to understand that you can wear whatever you want and you still should be respected by everyone," Raisman said.

"And hopefully, we can get to a point where everyone is supportive of everyone's body type, no matter how they look," she added.

She finished by saying that she hopes women realize that it's okay to feel good and be comfortable in their own skin.

She's A Survivor

The message is one that's deeply important for Raisman, who is a survivor of sexual assault and bullying.

She has been candid about her healing journey and has been a staunch advocate of feminism. Continuing her fight to educate the public that "women don't have to be modest to be respected", Raisman has fully embraced her figure and confidently poses in sexy swimsuits to flaunt the body that she worked so hard for.

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