Erin Andrews Reveals Her Preferred Destination For Aaron Rodgers

Erin Andrews Aaron Rodgers
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Now that we've got Tom Brady's retirement out of the way, Aaron Rodgers' future is the biggest story in the NFL offseason.

Everybody's speculating about the Green Bay Packers' star's next move, whether he'll retire, force a trade or stay at Lambeau Field for at least another season.

No one, not even him, seems to know for sure what's his next step going to be, and that includes his good-old friend Erin Andrews.

Andrews Wants Rodgers To Stay In Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers
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But even though she doesn't have an inside scope or any leverage in Rodgers' decision whatsoever, Andrews still has a preferred landing spot for the reigning NFL MVP: And that's Green Bay, Wisconsin.

"Green Bay. I don’t want him to leave the NFC and I don’t want him to leave Green Bay. It’s good business for FOX," Andrews told The Spun when asked about her perferred destination for Rodgers.

Andrews Was Sorry For How The Packers' Season Ended

Erin Andrews
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The Packers once again knocked on the door of the Super Bowl but fell short of their goal. Even Andrews, who was watching from the sidelines, thought this could finally be their year:

"They have been very close and I’ve been there for basically all of their losses like in the NFC championship a few years ago," Andrews added. "You hate it for them. I really thought we were going to see them in the NFC championship."

She Thinks Rodgers Can Win Somewhere Else

Aaron Rodgers
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Andrews acknowledges that Rodgers could still find success somewhere else at this point in his career. But even though he could be tempted to follow Tom Brady's steps, he can't picture him somewhere else:

"Tom Brady opened the door for these star players to say, ‘look, I realize I don’t have a lot of time left," Andrews explained. "I want to go win, let’s go win where I can.’ Can Aaron do that? I’m sure he can. Do I selfishly want him to do that? No. I want him to stay in the NFC so I can continue to cover him. It would be very difficult to see him somewhere other than Lambeau Field."

Rodgers Is Her Friend

Aaron Rodgers and Erin Andrews
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Rodgers and Andrews starred in a controversial moment this season, as she broke the league's health and safety protocols to hug him and drew plenty of backlash on social media:

"The incident you’re talking about where I did hug him, I think if people had been there that moment was so special. He had just broken Brett Favre’s record, the crowd is cheering ‘MVP, MVP’ and he had already been through so much that season," she explained.

Hopefully, things will be back to normal next season and they get to share another heartwarming moment, whether it's at Lambeau Field or somewhere else.