Aly Raisman In Bikini Nuzzles Volleyball

Close up of Aly Raisman
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Chisom Ndianefo

Former Team USA Gymnast Aly Raisman shared a throwback picture of summertime beach fun. Aly poses with an orange and blue volleyball after an amateur game on the beach. Like many of us, the athlete looks forward to the warm season's return, although we're well on our way with the arrival of spring.

She jokes about not knowing how to play the game even though she's dressed for it in a green bathing suit and denim shorts. Being a pro gymnast doesn't equate to perfection in every other sport, but she looks real good lying there.

Five Healthy Tips For Living

At the beginning of the year, Aly shared five healthy habits with Smile Direct. She spoke about the importance of Mental Health on having a fulfilling life.

"Mental health is really important to me. I have spent a lot of time reflecting, trying to figure out things that make me feel more calm & present and also things that help me feel healthier."

Playing With Mylo

Aly's relationship with her dog Mylo is admirable. When you scroll through her two million-plus following Instagram feed, you'll get confused about the real owner because there are as many Mylo shots as there are Aly's, if not more. The pair do everything together, from yoga to facetiming, cuddling, and generally spending time together. They're so attached that Aly offered a reward when he went missing in 2021.

Reading To Get Close To Technology

Aly confessed she loved being cozy with a great book. She closed 2021 with Laura Dave's The Last Thing He Told Me, and said she couldn't put the page-turner down.

Eating Clean

Aly drinks smoothies after working out because they contain every nutrient necessary for rejuvenation.

"Smoothies are one of my favorite ways to recover after a workout and this one helps me get the protein my body craves."


Aly Raisman in a silver jump suit
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Aly says Gardening helps her stay present because of the fascinating process of plant growth. Watching the cycle of life in real-time is a sure way to stay connected with the earth and maintain a Zen life.

"Gardening has become an important part of my life and my wellness journey over the last few years. I love learning about how different flowers, herbs and veggies grow & how I can incorporate more fresh plants into my daily life."


Aly Raisman does a full split in the air under Team USA at the Olympics
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One of the best things about stretching for Aly is wearing comfortable activewear like leggings and a sports bra. The athlete said it makes her feel confident the most and she's been practicing yoga more since she retired from professional Gymnastics.

You can take the girl out of the Gym but you can't take the Gym out of the girl.