Olympian Gymnast Aly Raisman In Bikini Says 'Take Me Back'

Close up of Aly Raisman
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Chisom Ndianefo

Aly Raisman may not be part of the 2022 Olympic buzz but the Olympian gymnast proves she doesn't need a grand stage to grab our attention. Our favorite "Fierce Five" member released a Leotard collection with Sylvia P for the next generation of gymnasts. She also shared a throwback picture of her summertime vacay reminiscing on the fashion and weather.

We're longing for summer weather too so we can totally understand the nostalgia.

Island Princess

Close up of Aly Raisman in a Gold dress at Vanity Fair's Oscar Party
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Aly's fresh face stands out in this tropical orange bikini and headband with a floral backdrop. The gymnast styles her long brown hair in a side sweep letting the blonde highlight tips fall over her chest. She holds her hands over her mid-riff, hugging herself as she smiles warmly into the camera.

The 26-year-old takes a selfie zooming closer into the floral green and orange headscarf formed into a front knot band. Aly captions her picture, "take me back," longing for the refreshing summertime.

Well, Spring is upon us, so she doesn't have much longer to wait until the weather warms up again.

Swimsuit/Leotard Collection

Aly teamed up with Sylvia P to design a leotard and swimsuit collection for young female gymnasts ready to dominate the sport. The 26-year-old explained the creation process was fun, and she loved bringing the leotard to life since she spent most of her life wearing one. She drew inspiration from her tropical nostalgia using floral prints for her collection.

"My collection celebrates the importance of mindfulness, in and out of the gym. Some of my designs were even inspired by gardening, which is one of my favorite hobbies and has played such a big role in my wellness journey."

These little girls modeling Aly's collection embody her vision for sportswear. Their attitude, excitement, and cool sunshades represent the confidence she wishes on anyone wearing the leotards.

"I hope you feel confident and like YOU when you’re wearing one of these. I hope you love them as much as I do!"

Aly's Skincare Routine

Aly Raisman in  silver jumpsuit
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If you've ever wondered how the successful gymnast kept her skin glowing and fresh despite all those rigorous routines, your answers are here. Aly doesn't joke with her morning and nightly skincare routines. She told POPSUGAR,

" I got very comfortable without having makeup on."

She also wrote on her Instagram page how using a moisturizer helps her skin glow.

"Applying my products has always been relaxing & something I look forward to. & It reminds me take moments to practice gratitude."

Still Got It

Aly Raisman performing gymnastics at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
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Aly goes into donkey kick pose to prove she's still got it despite her retirement two years ago. The ex-Olympian turned to wellness and yoga to center her mind and block out the noise.